Being a SNiTCH is the new cool thing to do

April 19, 2008 at 1:54 AM 1 comment

This is what was said about SNiiTCH by

The concept seems so blatantly obvious, I had one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments. With Sniitch you can create an anonymous blog diary which anyone can read and comment on. Got any juicy secrets or criticisms you want to make, just Sniitch on them 😉

The advantage which Sniitch has over PostSecret is that it’s far easier to create, submit and find secrets. People can use this open forum to let off steam and obtain feedback in 3 areas (people, schools, companies). It’s got enormous viral potential and despite the ‘playful/innocent’ intentions of Sniitch, I wouldn’t be surprised to see lots of sociopathic bosses, cheating spouses, dubious corporate practises being exposed 🙂

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SNiiTCH – Online Blog Diary How I Came Out of a Trauma When My Girlfriend Cheated on Me

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  • 1. a sniitch  |  October 18, 2008 at 2:14 PM

    I was going to make something similar because it’s all getting to the stage now where people will say anything about anyone

    You should make an application for facebook,myspace,hi5, bebo etc that Cross references a data base of scumbag’s profiles on snitch! with the picture and link to the pages, There’s no point in snitching on a pedo, fraudsters or hater if no one knows what you’re talking about…These people should never be allowed to have facebook accounts or any profile for them to do this crap on… And people can anonymously report haters to sniich so they can’t just go of and do it again on another site, it would be one of the top application on facebook I think. Just Imagen people being able add as many people as you’d to be friends with and scan your friends list to find out if any of them crazy…this happened to me 2 days ago cause i got a shock and if i had known what they where like i would never have added them

    wouldn’t it be great if you had a road map of the people you where inevitably going to meet and where that road was going to lead you?…


    Everlasting Friendship

    A Broken heart


    A life threaten altercation

    this site can really go somewhere if you get in there and start making useful versatile application to avoid the bad apples


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