How I Came Out of a Trauma When My Girlfriend Cheated on Me

April 23, 2008 at 3:47 AM Leave a comment

There is nothing worse than betrayal. The gnawing feeling that eats you up when you trusted someone so much and then finding out later she has someone else. The moment I discovered her infidelity, everything seemed to be so surreal. A lot of questions came out of my mind. Am I not enough? Have I done something wrong? Am I worth nothing?

I went on searching for some help from web and came across; here I learned how to tackle this situation. I was advised by the users of SNiiTCH to confront her as soon as I discovered her secret. At first she remained quiet and unresponsive with all my inquiries. I asked her what’s the reason for her infidelity, and what I got was the most acrid answer, “I just thought that being with another girl will give me a different experience.”

I was shocked with her reason, as my mind was throbbing with all the angst and pain, it was only SNiiTCH that helped me consistently to overcome my trauma. It didn’t justify anything; it just added a lot of confusion into my mind. We try tried to patch things up. I thought it would be easy for me to forget. I thought and optimistically believed that every thing will be back to normal, and so I thought. I felt that our relationship has become irreparable. I no longer feel being loved. I became suspicious with her every move. At first I tried to repress myself, and convincing my mind that everyone deserves another chance. But for the second time around, my gut feeling was right—she didn’t deserve another chance as she hadn’t change.

The worse thing about breakup is not missing the person, but the habit and the routine you had built when you are with that person. And it seemed that every thing reminded you of her. The first few days were very hard as it was said by the users of SNiiTCH. I seemed that life was void and pointless. I tried to act as if nothing was wrong, but then I realized I was fettered with her memories because I couldn’t help but to think of her. Thankfully, there are friends that I can count on. They were my support, and they kept me preoccupied. But as the cliché goes, band-aid doesn’t cover deep wounds.

What I realized back then that the most effective panacea for the pain that is gnawing my heart is not to think about myself. This means that there is a lot of satisfaction when I help other people even in small things. When I do help other people, I was distracted with myself. There is a user from SNiiTCH who said that a minute of sadness is healthy, but more than that, it is what he called indulgence. Always remember that life is too short to wallow in our sadness and pain.

This may be an overused saying, but time really heals all wounds and sorrow. I think people have evolved to develop selective amnesia to forget painful things that keep them from being happy. And one thing for sure, recovering from the past will come out naturally if we just let ourselves move on, as we are gifted with a resilient heart.

And always remember these—love like you’ve never been hurt and live life like it would be your last day. Final thanks to, where I found all my solutions when I was passing my trauma of life.

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